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About iLocalize Classifieds classifieds is the first online-classified-platform to take out the pains associated  online classified ads. We believe what we have done will make classified ads fun and exciting, rather than painful and a waste of valuable time.
What makes classified ads different? We have 3 unique approaches to posting a classified ad, as well as a powerful internal system to help streamline buying and selling stuff online.


Normal Classified Ad
A Normal Style Classified ad is when you just want to post an item for sale at a set price of your choosing. A normal ad will display to any and all interested buyers, who can then click the BUY button to buy your listed item. Once they click the buy button, you will be able to confirm the purchase went smoothly or relist it if not, taking out the pain of fielding phone calls and interested parties who really may not be so interested in your item after all.

Auction Style Classified Ad
An Auction Style Classified Ad is when you would like to auction off your item. Choose this option only if you want to set a minimum price, and then let any and all buyers go for it like a local auction. In the end, the highest bidder is who you will sell the item to at the highest price when the auction ends.

Bid Style Classified Ad
A Bid Style Classified Ad is when you just want to allow any and all interested buyers to bid on your item. You do not set a minimum price, but just allow any bids for as long as you want to get bids on an item. In the end, you get to choose who you sell the item to at whatever bid price you choose. This option allows you to choose both the best price and a person you would like to sell the item to stress free!