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Win a Free iPad Mini by posting a local news event or happening on
Posted by: iLocalize
Events / Happenings
Apr 13,2015 @ 02:56 am Ranking (+5)
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Added On Apr 13, 2015 @ 02:56 AM

Visit our 2015 free ipad drawing listing here:

WIN AN IPAD MINI simply by registering for a free user account, and posting something of happenings and events in your local area on the News section.

To enter, register for a free user account (or login to your current account) (it is always free, quick, secure and private) - Post something of your local town, local news, sporting events, happenings, opinion pieces on politics, your mayor, your local sports team, in the month of April 2014 or May 2014 and be automatically entered into a random drawing to win a new ipad mini!

1 in every 200 submissions will win an ipad mini!*

Steps to enter for drawing:
1. Register for a free user membership (its free, secure, and quick)

2. Check your email to verify your account and activate it.

3. Login and click on the news tab and then click "Post your own news" on the left hand side.

4. Choose your local city, county, or state, and then post something that has occurred that would be considered news or an opinion or perspective on an event, company, experience, etc. from your local city, county, or state.

5. Make sure you write at least 3 paragraphs for the posting to be valid. (A paragraph is at least 3 complete sentences).

6. Choose a category, entering in some tag words, then make sure you click the submit button once finished with the news posting.

7. Watch as your news posting gets viewed, reviewed, critiqued, voted on, and commented on.

8. Repeat once a day for an additional entry for every unique news post you submit (not required, but every unique and valid new posting is an additional entry - another chance to win).

Must post at least one valid news posting within the month of April or May 2014 to be entered into the drawing.

News postings can be anything about any local event, happening, etc. in your city, town, county, or state that can be considered NEWS. Post at least 3 paragraphs per post (paragraph is 3 complete sentences) and you are automatically entered into the drawing for an ipad mini.

Users may post more than one posting a day, as additional postings do give another entry for every valid news post on a different topic.

Winner will be selected at random from those who posted at least one valid posting (3 paragraphs, on a topic, meet our terms of service agreement) in April 2014 or May 2014

News posts must be a minimum of 3 paragraphs to be considered a valid entry. News posts must meet our terms of use standards, and must not be plagiarized in any form. Photos are not required to be a valid posting.

Must be registered as a free member on

iPad mini will be purchased from and shipped directly to winner by end of February 2014 - subject to availability from Winner(s) will be posted publicly on iLocalize with first name and last initial, City and state, and iLocalize username. Winner can choose silver or space gray color, ipad mini will be 16GB model Wi-Fi only (value of $299.00 ).

If more than 200 unique user news posts are entered, we will give away another ipad per 200 unique entries up to 5 total or more depending on interal financing availability.

All news postings are subject to moderation policies and terms of use - subject to owner's sole discretion for appropriate news postings. For more info on our policies see our terms of use page:

Must be a citizen of a confederated state within the Unites States of America.
Congratulations to the iLocalize user member, markbently, whose news post, "Brandon Ogletree should be on BYU football radio shows" won in our random ipad mini giveaway drawing for Utah in the month of December 2013 - Dec 21st 2013

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