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Posted by: jsmith
Government / Politics
Nov 25,2020 @ 06:29 pm Ranking (+0.5)
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Added On Nov 25, 2020 @ 06:29 PM

Mankind's first global hyper-focused reporting, backed by almost endless money, from around the world. Numbers are gonna jump. The numbers of COVID cases and deaths are actually low in my view (they should be so much higher according to news and CDC), as I have to look at it and say, "They have finally done it! Highly organized for the first time in the history of mankind, in such a manner, that the numbers reported will be higher than normal, as there has been nothing like this in the history of mankind, where the majority of the entire world, did you get that, the entire world has been forced to hyper-focus on reporting numbers." There is most likely a term for this effect. I'll call it the, hyper-focus-jump-in-numbers-effect. If I hyper focus on something, intensely, I'm gonna see numbers like I never have before. Is this not true of crime reporting or anything, where agencies have created online apps or web portals, easing the process for people to anonymously report crimes or holes in streets, or what ever it is? Organizing and streamlining reporting will cause numbers to jump. That's Fact. It's about organizing. So. When I look at the survival rate of COVID, which is shockingly high compared to the common flu - and then I look at the numbers being reported, there is a massive imbalance, and that's due to the streamlining of reporting. That's encouraging, suggesting COVID is not as deadly as the common flu or even common accidents in the USA. If we applied the same hyper-focus-reporting process to the FLU or VACCINE DEATHS or ACCIDENTAL DEATHS, or anything like it, the numbers and cases would jump, would they not? And as we organized and streamlined better and better (fact of the COVID reporting and streamlined global processes), the numbers would climb steadily for a year or so, as reporting becomes easier for people, where we plugin to the reporting system and walah, reports are as easy as eating bread. So, in summary, maybe this is just my aha moment, as something has not settled right with the panic, not to forget the tragic increase of suicide rates and deaths indirectly caused by the panic - COVID is not nearly as deadly as the flu or other ways to die in the USA. This time, my intuition says, it's a real virus, but it's not as deadly as the common flu, cause we don't have the same hyper-focus-laser-gun pointed at it. Give me access to the software they are making for reporting COVID, and I'll point it to almost any issue, and I'll be a billionaire overnight, cause I can show just how scary anything is - humanity has globalized and streamline reporting - so we will start to see numbers jump due to this achievement, whether for good or for ill. If this was a pandemic, I would think we would be quarantining ourselves due to so many people suffering and dying. Yes, the suffering is real as are the deaths of COVID, but so are the deaths from the 365 daily accidental deaths in the USA, as well as the flu deaths, whooping cough, and the still disheartening medical misdiagnosis as the 3rd leading cause of death in our country. Cool - humanity finally hyper organized enough to have a global reporting system. Not cool - This reporting power is being misused in my view, to cause panic for something that we should be aware of and careful with, just like the flu, but not this narrative of pandemic we are getting from mainstream media.

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