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Salem City - Small City Processes are Lacking
Posted by: jsmith
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Feb 10,2021 @ 05:36 pm Ranking (+4)
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Added On Feb 10, 2021 @ 05:36 PM

The last phone call I made to Salem City Utah was one asking about our home business license. We applied for it in January 2014, and it is now the end of May 2014, and the last I heard from yet another phone call was our business license application was still on the desk of the Fire Chief. We had police approval, zoning, etc., but maybe it burned up at the fire department?

Now, I am not here to point fingers of blame, but I am here to say, with smaller communities - it has been my experience that all to often things fall through the cracks leaving people like ourselves to try again and again and at times being fined for the mistakes of the city employees themselves - which in the end can cost a city a good source of revenue (like our business we are moving out town).

Salem isn't the only city we have had issues with. Springville and Wellsville cities are on the same page with lack of updated processes to make things run smoothly for small businesses.

The people at the Salem city offices have been pleasant (with one exception of someone having a bad day and taking it out on the new people in town - to which we won't mention names or be offended - but just realize we all have bad days). The problem is processes. In this case, our business license. We never got word about it, never got it back from them, and to this day, we have been told it never made it past the Fire Chief's desk. It came down to us being told after almost 6 months of waiting, and our license application being signed off by police and zoning, to being told it never was submitted, and we need to start a new application.

We have, as of last week, moved our business from our home in Salem to a retail spot in American Fork - so this business license is no longer needed from Salem City. I am left however wondering if things like this end up hurting these smaller fledgling cities. We are bringing in multi-millions with our business - and I would think a city like Salem would want to keep us here locally. Oh well.

With Springville, it was the post office. We felt, shipping a few hundred packages per week at the time, that Springville Postal Workers were trying to make it as difficult as possible for our business - whereas the post offices of Orem City, Salem City, American Fork City, and even Wellsville City were amazingly helpful and supportive of our every shipping need.

Maybe these smaller cities can learn from larger cities, even sit with them in counsel and figure out a way to better run things, such that in our case, with a business license never finished by the city - it is in a database and can be tracked and checked off, so that both responsibility is improved and a small business can quit wasting time waiting and wondering about a business license.

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