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About News

Welcome to the Nation's people-powered-online-news platform, where we truly put the power of the news into the hands of the people.

People Powered, Community Building, Locally Inspired and Weighted News

We are passionate about the value each individual can contribute within a society, especially on a local level where news and events occur every day.

We believe that every voice should be able to contribute and have a say, a vote, and a platform on which they can refine and acquire new knowledge through the perspectives of others about any event or topic or "News" - especially those events so vital to the positive outcomes and growth of a community, state, and country.

Whether a news post is submitted by a giant media corporation, an aspiring freelance journalist, myself, or my grandmother, with News, all have a chance to vote on the author's accuracy.

If you think you have a better idea and knowledge of an event or occurrence, submit your version on the exact same page and topic as the other news posting. Once your version is submitted, then the people or organizations weigh-in on your version, voting, commenting, and uploading photos, all-the-while giving ranking points to the most accurate (people-voted) version, comments, and photos of any given news article.

If an event occurred locally, let's say in New Town Connecticut, then the local members of that city will have more voting weight than someone unrelated to the local event, say from New York City, NY or American Fork, UT at that. The closer you live to an event, the more weight and power you have in your single vote on any news article posting, comment, or photo upload.

One of the greatest struggles in today's overwhelmingly sophisticated and politically correct world is to be able to perceive evil when it is portrayed and painted as good. Finding the truth today with so much money-agenda-influenced media and news can be difficult. Even today's most popular news websites, although allowing comments, do not allow direct influence or perspective and insights by the people closest to the events that have occurred - into the main part of the posted article. Editing usually occurrs with heavy biases.

Big media establishments all to often are promoting things as truth and fact, when in reality they are all to often grand deceptions - feeding the people the end-all definitive answers and solutions with supposed "experts" who tend to do the thinking and reasoning for us.

We have changed the rules entirely by placing the power of the people at the forefront of the news.  The closer to the events that have occurred the more your vote has weight and measure in the event. Sure, big media can post news all they please on our site, but the critiquing, voting, and accuracy ratings are in the hands of the people - all to help one another find the truth about what is occurring in our beloved country - unraveling any hidden agendas, and properly pointing the finger of judgement at those who are behind the agendas seeking to mislead, hurt, and even destroy our fellow Americans and life and liberty around the world.

Truly, is the first people-powered-online-news-platform, where the knowledge of events will be refined by the voice of the people, away from the corporate oft-times-money-controlled media giants, giving the voice of the people, the ultimate say in any news event or happening.

Get started by posting your local events and news with a FREE MEMBERSHIP today on Let your voice be heard and weigh in on the topics you care most about, so that we all can learn from one another, and get the REAL facts, truths, and perspectives of any event, in any community in the beloved country of the United States of America.

Start engaging with your thoughts, wisdom, critiques, comments and insights with a free membership or list your organization today for free!